The Online Portfolio of Mario Marcos
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Licensing for commercial use

All of the photographs in the Gallery section of this Web site are exclusive property of Mario Marcos Torres and are protected by national and international copyright and other applicable laws. If you would like to use any of my images for any purpose other than just viewing them on this site (e.g. editorial use, commercial use, etc.) you will need my permission. You will find that I am very flexible and easy to work with.

Available Licences
I can licence images with just about any rights that may be required. I am very flexible on how broadly a given use can be defined. I can also provide details regarding previously licensed images so you can avoid conflicts with previous publications.

Delivery Method
I deliver electronically by e-mail or FTP, and if necessary, I can send large images on CD.

Required Information
When inquiring about licensing please including the following information:

  • Your name and contact information as well as the organization you work for
  • Name(s) of the work(s) you wish to use
  • A detailed description of your intended use, including medium (e.g. print, Web, etc.), circulation or viewer statistics, reproduction size and type (e.g. full page, half page, etc.), expected publication date, and duration of publication
  • The type of rights you need (e.g. rights-managed, rights-ready, royalty-free, editorial use, etc.)
Online Use
Online use is treated any other type of use. Remember that licensing for print use does not imply licensing for online use. If you need a licence to use an image online be sure to specify this and include the information required in the previous section as well as the following information:
  • The final size of the image you plan to use
  • The number of unique visitors you expect will see the image over the period during which you will be using it
  • The period of time during which you will need the image
  • The context in which it will be used (i.e. what else will be on the page)
Derivative Works
You need my permission before creating derivative works (e.g. paintings, drawings, etc.) that substantially incorporate my images. In any case, you agree to indemnify me against any actions taken by third parties opposing your work. In other words, if you paint or draw something based on one of my photographs, and another person or organization sues you over it that is your problem, not mine.